martes, 5 de febrero de 2008

My awesome weekend

Well, this weekend was fantastic! We have Monday off school, so I decided to go to Queretaro with some friends and my boyfriend.
I got to Queretaro on Saturday and my friends were waiting for me and my boyfriend already there, we took a shower and went out for a walk to get something to eat.
That day we visited many places and at the end of the day we went back to the hotel to have some drinks because we were really, really tired.
On Sunday we went on a tour to visit some other places and we bought some gifts for my family and my family-in-law.
On Monday my friends went back to Monterrey and my boyfriend and I stayed there to visit more places, at night we came back to Tampico and today I went to school.
Later I´ll put a picture because I have to download them to the computer.

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