lunes, 18 de febrero de 2008

Valentine´s Day

Valentine’s Day!!!

Well, last Thursday was Valentine’s Day and I went to school thinking we were going to have classes, well, big mistake. The university was all full of people selling balloons, candies, chocolates and some other stuffs; I think there was too much joy for me and yes as you may think I’m kind of apathetic.
We thought on going to Italian Coffee, and we were there for a long time, just having silly talks but at the same time it was fun.
After that I went home and my boyfriend and my daughter were waiting for me with a dozen roses, beautiful by the way. After that we start talking and a while later I was tired and it was so late. We went to buy a subway and we went back home and that was it.
I really don’t like holidays but I actually had a good time last Thursday. I spent some time with my friends and time with my family and that was great!

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