martes, 26 de febrero de 2008


Well, at this entry I’m going to talk about a trip I did to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and some friends when I was in Ramsgate. I remember it so well because a lot of things happened to us.
We found the tickets on easyjet and they were kind of cheap (they were cheap but with the duty they became less cheap.) we were so excited about it that we forgot to search for a hotel and when we got there at night we couldn’t find one, in Amsterdam every weekend is like a holiday, all the hotels are full and there are a lot of tourists in the city. The first night we found one, thanks God but it was only for that night. The next day we went searching and found another one, but this one was really expensive, we had no choice so we took it. The problem here is that we thought the hotel was going to be cheaper, so with the meals and some other stuffs we bought we were without money like in 2 days. I try to reach my mom here in Mexico but I couldn’t find her and we were like this, without money for a hole day. The next day I talked to my mother and asked her to send me money. In spite of all the problems, we had an awesome time and I will always remember it, because for me it was a life time experience. I had the opportunity to travel alone with my friends, and even no having money was fun, fun, fun.
The city is lovely, people are great, polite and kind, you can walk very late at night and nothing will happen to you.
Pictures: in the first one, I’m in down town with my boyfriend out side of a store were they sell that kind of shoes they are like the slogan of Holland. Very popular there.
In the second one, I’m in a pub, where the waitresses dance on a table kind of “Coyote Ugly” and they make shows and everything. I was kind of uncomfortable because there were only 4 girls and me in the entire pub, besides the waitresses dancing barely naked.

I hope you like it!

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