martes, 26 de febrero de 2008


Today I’m writing a thesis statement about an experience I had.

Two and a half years ago I took a really big step when my boyfriend moved t olive with me.
He came from Venezuela to live here in Tampico even though his parents didn’t agree at first.

Now his living with me and we are going to college.
Our lives changed so much because now, we have to try to live with a very different person.
He had some habits that I wasn’t used to and I had some others he wasn’t used to neither.

Nowadays we manage to live together, we have rules and organization in the house (for the kid too.)
We have improved as a couple and we feel comfortable with each other.
Sometimes we have disagreements like every couple but now we can handle them in a very “grown up” way.

I feel very happy the way I live now, I love my boyfriend and my daughter and the situation made me grow up so much that I’m glad about that.
We have grown up in our relationship and we love to be together.

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