martes, 19 de febrero de 2008


Hi, the name of the book that i´m going to talk about is speak.
The book is about a girl named Melinda Sordino who becomes an outcast because something happened to her and she doesn’t tell anyone about it, so all the people who used to be her friends (Rachel Bruin, Nicole, Emily), now are not talking to her and everybody looks at her like if she were crazy.
She meets someone named Heather who is trying to get into a club named “The Martha’s”, Heather is the only one who would talk to her, even if she doesn’t like her a lot.
There’s this guy (Andy Evans) in her school who she is really afraid of, but she doesn’t tell anyone, she just run from him every time she sees, hears or smells him. She wants so badly to talk to anyone about her problem, but she thinks nobody is going to believe her, she starts getting her grades lower and lower every time and the counselor of the school talks to her and to her parents but she wouldn’t talk. At the end she sees that the girl, who used to be her best friend (Rachel), is now in danger because she is going to prom with Andy. Melinda tries to warn her by telling her the secret that Andy raped her in a party last summer, but Rachel didn’t believe her.
Andy founds out what Melinda told to Rachel and he goes to look for her, he tries to rape her again but she founds the strength to fight and to be safe, and the end, she speaks and tell her story to her art teacher.
I hope you like it!

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