domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

Saturday Night live!

Well hello! This is the good-bye entry. Good for me, I did it!
Well at first I thought it was going to be really annoying writing in the blog but I actually wanted this more than the SAC hours. It was hard to keep on going, but I’m glad I did it, some times I didn’t know what to write but I think what I wrote was pretty good, maybe not very interesting but kind of good.
And well, today I’m finishing all my homework because tomorrow and the days before I leave are going to be very stressful days.
Yesterday I went out with my friends to Gaelic and after that we didn’t know what else to do, we were kind of going from a place to another without knowing what to do, we actually spent more time in the car than in any other places jeje, that was pretty much what we did, and at 12 am I was already at my house, I even got earlier than my mom, pretty sad right! Jeje, but actually the “doing nothing” thing, was pretty cool and fun.
I spent a good time in the car with you guys!
And well time to say good bye. Finally my last entry, I’m so happy.

sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

A very busy day!

Well today I did a lot of things. I had to buy some things before I go, so today was the day.
First I woke up and took a shower, then I dressed up my daughter because we were going out, after that we went to the kitchen to have breakfast.
At 11 am we went out to buy a pair of shoes for her and then we went to down town to get a purse fixed. We went to Wall-Mart to buy some stuff and that was it, but we returned to home at 3 pm, really I was so tired, because going out with Arianet is a very tiring thing.
I got home and made meal and after that I came to the computer to do some homework and now here I am, writing on my blog.
Tonight I’m going out with Perla, Anahi, Judith, and Carlos, because this is going to be the last time we go out before I go. Of course I’ll see them when I get back.
Well this is all for today and be happy! See you next entry.

viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

a very annoying day!

Well yesterday was a very quite day, because we didn’t do anything.
The teacher of the first class, told us not to come to classes because he wasn’t coming, thank you for that! So we got to school at 5 pm. But the classroom door was still close, so we didn’t have that class either. We went to the Italian coffee for obviously a coffee jeje, and for a gaspachichamoy, really good jeje!
We came back to school at 7 pm. Because we had a class at 7, but the teacher never came, because they had a meeting or something and we spent all that time talking and wanting to leave. Finally we had the 8 o clock class, we didn’t want to have it but well, what can you do right!
After all day doing nothing, knowing that we could have got there at 8 instead of 5 it’s really annoying, we really don’t like that, but again, what can we do right!
I only hope, the next time the teachers will tell us not to come to class, when they are not coming.
Well this is all for yesterday, I will see what I’m doing today at school. Bye!

Arianet Lozada!

Hello, well this is my 24th entry and I have 3 more Left.
Today I’m going to talk about a really special person for me; she is the cutest, smartest and more beautiful person ever!
Arianet Lozada Dueñas is my daughter, she is 3 years old and I love her so much. She is so lovely even though she has a really bad temper.
She loves to go swimming every summer to the pool, every time I’m in holiday my mom and I used to take her and my niece to swim to the AIPM club.
Another thing she loves is to dance, you should see her, she looks lovely when she does it, it’s like really funny, because she makes spins and everything, she wants to go to dancing classes, because she wants to dance like Gabriela from High School Musical, this is a movie from Disney Channel and she loves that movie so much, she even know the dialogs and the dancing, it’s really awesome!
Before I said she has a really bad temper, because oh my God, she knows what she wants and she wants to achieved it and when somebody says something or even looks at her when she’s mad, run away because she can get really angry. So I hope she’ll soon grow up and that she will act in a more mature way, not just in an instinctive way.
Despite of that I love her and she is the best thing that ever happened to me!

lunes, 7 de abril de 2008


This weekend I didn’t do much because I was doing my homework.
On Saturday I spent all day at home doing laundry and doing my homework from the methodology subject. After that I spent some time with my daughter playing and everything, we watched a movie and we downloaded music for my niece and they were dancing and playing. Alex went out all day, so at night we ordered sushi and watched “Jumper”.
On Sunday we went to my grandmother’s house like every Sunday, because it is a tradition and I really like to be there, Ari played with her cousins and I was playing with Alejandra, she’s 5 months old, really cute baby. After that we went to visit my mom’s friend and then we went back home. We watched “Enchanted” kind of silly but Ari really enjoyed it, so what can you do right? And after that we watch “27 dresses” it was good! And actually that was my weekend, family time!

My favorite´s movies

Well hello!!!
How you liked the twilight cast, pretty good right?
There’s an actress from the cast that I saw yesterday in a movie called “The family stone”, and here is the point of all this, today I’m talking about my favorite’s movies.
They are randomly ordered, I really don’t know which one of all is my favorite.

Well first I have to say that I really liked “The lord of the rings I, II, and III”, of course the third one is my favorite “The return of the king”, really cool movie, great effects and the first time I watch it I was in Barcelona with my cousins, so great memories too!

Now I have to say “How to lose a guy in 10 days” with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, I’ve watched this movie like thousands of times, really cool movie, very ingenious. Another movie has to be “The family stone” with Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton and some other good actors, the movie is really funny and all the family is so mean with the girl at first that makes you laugh, really laugh.
“The prestige” is another movie I really loved with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, well you have to watch this movie, really, you won’t regret it. And the last movies are “X-men I, II, and III” of course the third one is the best, “the last stand” awesome movie, the last movie is always the best!, and how can I forget this movie really loved it, "the girl next door" well it is just so cute and everything, really loved it!
The movie I’m waiting for is twilight as you can see and really I think it’ll be in the top three!

miércoles, 2 de abril de 2008

Twilight cast!

Well, I´ve just finished Cleaning my house jeje.I have nothing to do now, and actually I should do homework or something like that, but insted I´m looking the pages from the twilight movie. As I already told you in my entries before, I´m waiting for that movie so badly, they already picked the cast, and I don´t know if I would like the way they act but, let´s give them a chance! They are already shooting some scenes and in some blog pages they put Pictures for us to know what is happening and how is the movie going.
The cast is:
Anna Kendrick (Jessica): friend
Ashley Green (alice): Edward´s sister (Cullen´s family)
Billy Burke (Charlie):Bella´s dad
Cam Gigandet (james): The bad vampire
Christian Serratos (angela): another friend
Edi Mue Gathegi (Laurent): Another bad vampire
Elizabeth Reaser (esme): Edward´s mom (Cullen´s family)
Jackson Rathbone (jasper): Edward´s brother (Cullen´s Family)
Justin Chon (eric): A friend from school
Kellan Lutz (emmet): Edward´s brother (Cullen´s family)
Kristen Stewart (bella): The main character
Michael Welch (mike): A friend who is in love with Bella
Nikki Reed (Rosalie): Edward´s sister (Cullen´s family)
Peter Facinelli (Carlisle): Edward´s father
Rachel Lefevre (Victoria): A bad vampire and James´ girlfriend
Robert Pattinson (Edward): The male main character
Sarah Clark (renee): Bella´s mom
Taylor Lautner (Jacob): Bella´s best friend who is in love with her.
And well this is the cast from twilight, the movie will be coming out to theaters on December 12, 2008 cool he! Well I´m so excited because I loved the book and I think the movie will be as good as it. Here is a Picture for you to take a look of the cast! xoxo