jueves, 7 de febrero de 2008

the twins joke

hi!, here is a really funny joke!, well I hope you like it, and remember don´t drink too much!!!

There was a man sitting at a bar, and he looks over at the gentleman sitting next to him and says,
  • "Hey, you look familiar. Are you from around here?"
  • The man answers, "Yeah, I live down the street."
  • "No kidding?" says the first man, "Well, so do I. And hey, you look about my age. Where did you go to high school?"
  • "Oh I went to Francis Lewis over on Utopia. Graduated in '66. How about you?"
  • "Get out. I went to Francis Lewis. And I graduated in '66, too." "Where did you go to college?"
  • "Beloit, in Wisconsin."
  • "No way! I went to Beloit too. What dorm?"
  • "Kevin Sullivan dorm."
  • "Sullivan? You're not going to believe this . . ."

Joe the bartender walks over, and the first guy says,

  • "Joe, you won't believe it in a million years. This guy went to the same high school as me, graduated the same year I did, and went to the same college. We were even in the same dorm. Isn't that amazing?"
  • Joe looks at them both and says, "Yeah, that's just plain amazing."

A third man comes in and says, "Hey Joe. What's new?"

  • Joe says, "Not much. The Johnson twins are drunk again”

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jazzman58 dijo...

Daniela you have an excellent use of the English language and congratulate you for that but you haven't written that much in your blog and that should be done at least twice a week. I'm sorry to tell you but if at the end you haven't done your work in your blog you'll have to attend the SAC for at least 15 hours.
Is this clear to you?