jueves, 6 de marzo de 2008

my weekend

Hi, today I’m going to write about my weekend.
Well I didn’t do much, but I really like it, like all weekends I spent it with my family.
On Saturday I went to have breakfast with my parents, my niece, my daughter and my boyfriend, we were catching up because actually I don’t see my parents a lot.
At night Alex and I watched a movie named Beowulf, for me, the movie was disgusting, a lot of blood and murder and well the movie was really iuk!
On Sunday I went to my grandmother’s house like we always do, we ate “bocoles” and we spent a family time. After that my boyfriend and I went to buy a bicycle to my daughter, but we couldn’t find one, we went to 5 stores and nothing, all of them were in the stores since Christmas and were all damage. After that we went to McDonalds to take Ari to play for a while.
On Monday I went shopping with my mom and we went to have breakfast. In the afternoon I spent it taking care of Ari and playing with her, just the two of us, because my boyfriend was at the University.
And well that’s pretty much all the things I did.

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