miércoles, 2 de abril de 2008

My ex-pet!

Hello, well yesterday in class we were talking about pets. Well in all my life I’ve had just one pet. It was a French poodle, its name was Brandy but it was a he.
I remember I was 8 years old and I really wanted to have a dog so my mom, my sister and I went to bought it, he was 3 months old. We took the dog home knowing that my mom didn’t really want it, but after a week she was so in love with the dog.
At first he slept in my bed but my mom didn’t really like that so she bought a bed for him, my parents loved him and he was like the boy they never had jeje sounds funny right, but it was like that.
The dog loved my parents too, so if a person went close to them and hit them or something the dog barked and tried to bite the person, it didn’t matter if it was my sister or me.
The dog was always traveling with us, to hotels and everything but one day we were coming to Tampico from Poza Rica and the car started to spin on the road and the dog went out of the window and that was it. We were really sad. I want to have another dog and maybe in 2 years I’ll buy a Yorkshire Terrier.
Have a nice day! xoxo

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