lunes, 7 de abril de 2008


This weekend I didn’t do much because I was doing my homework.
On Saturday I spent all day at home doing laundry and doing my homework from the methodology subject. After that I spent some time with my daughter playing and everything, we watched a movie and we downloaded music for my niece and they were dancing and playing. Alex went out all day, so at night we ordered sushi and watched “Jumper”.
On Sunday we went to my grandmother’s house like every Sunday, because it is a tradition and I really like to be there, Ari played with her cousins and I was playing with Alejandra, she’s 5 months old, really cute baby. After that we went to visit my mom’s friend and then we went back home. We watched “Enchanted” kind of silly but Ari really enjoyed it, so what can you do right? And after that we watch “27 dresses” it was good! And actually that was my weekend, family time!

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