miércoles, 2 de abril de 2008

Twilight cast!

Well, I´ve just finished Cleaning my house jeje.I have nothing to do now, and actually I should do homework or something like that, but insted I´m looking the pages from the twilight movie. As I already told you in my entries before, I´m waiting for that movie so badly, they already picked the cast, and I don´t know if I would like the way they act but, let´s give them a chance! They are already shooting some scenes and in some blog pages they put Pictures for us to know what is happening and how is the movie going.
The cast is:
Anna Kendrick (Jessica): friend
Ashley Green (alice): Edward´s sister (Cullen´s family)
Billy Burke (Charlie):Bella´s dad
Cam Gigandet (james): The bad vampire
Christian Serratos (angela): another friend
Edi Mue Gathegi (Laurent): Another bad vampire
Elizabeth Reaser (esme): Edward´s mom (Cullen´s family)
Jackson Rathbone (jasper): Edward´s brother (Cullen´s Family)
Justin Chon (eric): A friend from school
Kellan Lutz (emmet): Edward´s brother (Cullen´s family)
Kristen Stewart (bella): The main character
Michael Welch (mike): A friend who is in love with Bella
Nikki Reed (Rosalie): Edward´s sister (Cullen´s family)
Peter Facinelli (Carlisle): Edward´s father
Rachel Lefevre (Victoria): A bad vampire and James´ girlfriend
Robert Pattinson (Edward): The male main character
Sarah Clark (renee): Bella´s mom
Taylor Lautner (Jacob): Bella´s best friend who is in love with her.
And well this is the cast from twilight, the movie will be coming out to theaters on December 12, 2008 cool he! Well I´m so excited because I loved the book and I think the movie will be as good as it. Here is a Picture for you to take a look of the cast! xoxo

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