viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

a very annoying day!

Well yesterday was a very quite day, because we didn’t do anything.
The teacher of the first class, told us not to come to classes because he wasn’t coming, thank you for that! So we got to school at 5 pm. But the classroom door was still close, so we didn’t have that class either. We went to the Italian coffee for obviously a coffee jeje, and for a gaspachichamoy, really good jeje!
We came back to school at 7 pm. Because we had a class at 7, but the teacher never came, because they had a meeting or something and we spent all that time talking and wanting to leave. Finally we had the 8 o clock class, we didn’t want to have it but well, what can you do right!
After all day doing nothing, knowing that we could have got there at 8 instead of 5 it’s really annoying, we really don’t like that, but again, what can we do right!
I only hope, the next time the teachers will tell us not to come to class, when they are not coming.
Well this is all for yesterday, I will see what I’m doing today at school. Bye!

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