domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

Saturday Night live!

Well hello! This is the good-bye entry. Good for me, I did it!
Well at first I thought it was going to be really annoying writing in the blog but I actually wanted this more than the SAC hours. It was hard to keep on going, but I’m glad I did it, some times I didn’t know what to write but I think what I wrote was pretty good, maybe not very interesting but kind of good.
And well, today I’m finishing all my homework because tomorrow and the days before I leave are going to be very stressful days.
Yesterday I went out with my friends to Gaelic and after that we didn’t know what else to do, we were kind of going from a place to another without knowing what to do, we actually spent more time in the car than in any other places jeje, that was pretty much what we did, and at 12 am I was already at my house, I even got earlier than my mom, pretty sad right! Jeje, but actually the “doing nothing” thing, was pretty cool and fun.
I spent a good time in the car with you guys!
And well time to say good bye. Finally my last entry, I’m so happy.

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