miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2008

Gossip girl!

Hello there! Today is Wednesday and I have had a very awesome week!
First I’m very happy because my boyfriend is in holiday too and we can spend a lot of time together and with our baby.
Well I had a really cool weekend and then on Monday I spent the day in my grandmother’s house and Alex and I were talking and playing UNO, then I went to play pool with Pearla and Anahí and after that we went for a coffee.
Well yesterday my aunt arrived, she is 22 years old and we have a great relation so, we were catching up and everything. She’s staying in my home for the week.
Today morning we went to 3 Arcos and then for a coffee, at night we may be going to some pub or something we haven’t decided yet.
Well that’s all for now, I don’t know what I’m doing for the weekend yet, but I actually don’t want to go to the beach, it’s too crowded and my sun allergy gets pretty bad if I sun burn.
Have a nice weekend all of you who read my blog and those who don’t, well, you too!

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