miércoles, 23 de enero de 2008

the weekend´s essay!

Hi, today I’m writing my homework for the weekend about clothing, I’m doing it now, because when the weekend comes I forget I have homework.

Feel comfortable it’s all that matters.

I choose this topic because it’s very important to me to feel comfortable when you get dress.
When you say comfortable people think of sloppy clothes, but actually I think in clothes that you really like how you look like with them on, and it depends on what you like to wear, for some people a skirt may be comfortable but for some others may not.
For me comfortable are jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. It depends on where I’m going is what I wear, but most of the time I wear that.
I really don’t have a way to dress, when I go shopping and I see something that I really really like, I try it on and if it looks good on me, well, welcome to my closet!.
If you want to be comfortable and at the same time make a statement you can do it, because when you buy your clothes, you buy the ones you feel comfortable with, but at the same time without knowing you are buying the ones you like and the ones that go with your personality.
So, It doesn’t matter if you are wearing the latest fashions or if you want to make a statement always wear the clothes you feel comfortable with no matter what.

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